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Headspace Comedy 

Due to the mask mandates being lifted Headspace Comedy is working on making a comeback. We're not sure when our next show will be yet but we've got a few other things that we have planned such as becoming more active on our YouTube channel which you can find by searching the name of the group and we're also going to start making tik-tok videos. To find more content and news about our group you can find us on our Facebook page as well. Hope you enjoy all of our future endeavors.

Updates to the Isolated confusion and other stuff 

I pretty much forgot until now that the news page existed, I'll work harder to keep on top of the news from here on, I guess first things first, me and the other members of Headspace Comedy are still working hard on getting our film together. We hope to start shooting in May sometime. In terms Of April I have a zoom show coming up on the 17th at 9pm as part of my friend Frank Vignola's Good Karma Comedy Festival. you can find the zoom link attached below. In terms of the podcast, I'm very happy and excited to welcome Becca Ward on as co-host starting with next week's episode. Regular episodes will continue to be free but for those interested in hearing what goes on behind the scenes you'll be able to either download it for some money or subscribe for $5 a month and download all content free with your subscription. I'm still working out the kinks so if there are any problems don't hesitate to contact me, I'll find a way to fix it.


Podcast news 

On top of finding my podcast here you can also find it on iTunes and Soundcloud new episodes go up at 8pm on Mondays. If you like it so far repost it on Soundcloud and Subscribe and leave a rating and review on iTunes and it airs live on with new episodes at 7pm and repeats at 12 pm on Sundays. In terms of plans with further episodes, extended and uncensored episodes are going to be uploaded here, Soundcloud and iTunes starting with episode 5.